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KRISPY is a 26 year-old independent music producer, singer/songwriter, and film scorer from New York creating feel-good indie-pop anthems and frisson-inducing siren songs since their debut in 2021.


They originally attracted an audience on TikTok for their otherworldly vocals, releasing their first full-length original siren song, "Anthemoessa" (Jul 2021) under KRISPY'S Siren Song Persona, Krispy DeRato, and "Lucidity" (Jul 2022) as a collaboration with Endel. KRISPY's personality and never-ending musical madness continue to attract an ever-growing online audience with the debut release their self-titled indie-pop EP, "KRISPY Disc One" (Nov 2022.)


KRISPY's portfolio includes projects with Saskia, Gravitywell, audrie, Kate Gratson, and more. They are the owner/founder of The Krisp Sirenhouse Label and Sirenhouse Publishing.

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